Nico Dingo Fine Knitted Cotton Romper NEW

Nico Dingo Fine Knitted Cotton Romper NEW

Adorable light knit 100% cotton knitted romper for the smallest of babies High Quality


Made in Spain


These are quite small fitting 7 colours mint, cream, pink, blue, beige, white and winter white (there is very little difference between white and winter white unless you have them side by side) three sizes


00m - 16-18" measurements neck (front) to crotch 9" Chest is 7"

0m - 18-20" measurements neck (front) to crotch 10" Chest is 7 1/2"

1m - in Pink only measutes 10 1/4" Chest is 7 3/4" across chest


Thank you Ella Mck Pixie Kissed Babies for the stunning photos of your Teyona (17")


Thank you Kim Barnes for the beautiful photos of her lovely Eva (Odessa) who is 18" and wearing size 0m


Thank you Marie Richardson for the lovely picture of your gorgeous boy wearing 00m (17")